Sponsor/Partner Benefits

– Brand association with highly aspirational & mass appeal concepts

– Brand association with high profile Football legends, players, coaches, celebs & The EPL

– Create significant goodwill and Brand loyalty via association with concepts

– Multi-year  concept (each regional series envisaged to last for 3 – 5 seasons)

– Soccer’s Next Pro will create future Country Football Stars & Brand Ambassadors for Sponsor/Partners

– Unique fan/player engagement opportunities

– Entry to Football concepts via branded Sponsor product purchases

– Ultimately millions of customer purchases & data captured

– Roll-out potential in other territories to fit Sponsor requirements

For further information please contact Shaun Ascough, CEO of Fireball SEM

Email : shaun@fireballsem.com Tel : 0027 71 605 3191 Web: www.FireballSEM.com

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company


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