Our Mission

> Produce a TV show ratings success repeatable for minimum of 3 – 5 years per territory/country

> Create a valuable Interactive & digital Soccer Fan community

> Create opportunities to export leading E.P.L. club brands (and other leading Global League clubs) into emerging Soccer markets especially throughout Africa

> Create future Professional Soccer Stars

> Create options for sponsors/E.P.L. club(s)/other leading Global League Clubs to create Soccer development academies and other similar projects in emerging Soccer markets especially throughout Africa

> To make a significant and long-lasting contribution to the development of Soccer in emerging markets

SOCCER’S NEXT PRO is owned by Fireball SEM which is a leading African Soccer,Sport, Entertainment & Media company which owns and develops world class TV and multi-platform properties.

Fireball SEM’s formats are available for global distribution and offer content in every genre including Reality, Game Show, Talent Search, Sports, Live Event, Magazine, Documentary and Quiz shows.

Fireball SEM’s Soccer and Sports TV and multi-platform formats include:-.

> Soccer’s Next Pro – A Reality TV Talent Search Soccer Show

> Playing To America – Pan-African Youth Soccer Development platform

> 1 Big Game – Activation campaign with TV coverage/Reality TV show

> Golf’s Next Pro – A Reality TV Talent Search Golf Show

> Surf Icon – Mass appeal Reality TV Surf Show

> The Ultimate Football Freestyler – A Reality TV Talent Search Soccer Show

Fireball SEM has a dedicated Soccer development business which was established to develop grassroots Soccer, the fan base and future Soccer stars in developing countries by leveraging the popularity of English & European Soccer through it’s highly entertaining TV and multi-platform properties.

Fireball SEM guides and leads some of the World’s leading Brands in the exciting area of technological convergence in TV, Mobile, Digital, Social Media & Music.

For further information please contact Shaun Ascough, CEO of Fireball SEM

Email : shaun@fireballsem.com Tel : 0027 71 605 3191 Web: www.FireballSEM.com

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company


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